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Dental Crowns in Spring Lake, MI

Porcelain Dental Crowns in Spring Lake

Infinity Dental Spring Lake’s cosmetic dentistry staff has spent years improving both the aesthetic and procedural facets of cosmetic dentistry to give our patients the best results possible. Cosmetic dentistry is the nexus of dental care and artistry. Dental crowns are a common and reliable cosmetic dentistry procedure that restores both the aesthetic appearance and full functionality of a tooth. The staff at Infinity Dental Spring Lake is an expert at creating and placing dental crowns, which produces outstanding treatment results and patient encounters.

A dental crown is a thin porcelain covering that is applied to the full surface of a tooth to restore it to the patient’s and dentist’s chosen shape and size. Crowns are used to repair teeth that have been severely decaying, shattered, fractured, or otherwise injured, restoring both the entire function of the tooth and its overall beauty. When crowns are put in place, no one will be able to tell the difference between them and your natural teeth because they are color-matched to your existing teeth. The end effect is a strong, completely fixed, and incredibly realistic-looking smile! The fact that dental crowns are a long-term treatment choice and can last a lifetime when combined with appropriate oral hygiene is one of their best features.

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Same-Day Crowns – The CEREC Crowns System

The CEREC, or Chair-side Economic Restoration for Esthetic Ceramics, same-day crowns system, is one of the most amazing developments in cosmetic dentistry technology available today. As the name suggests, it enables dental patients at Infinity Dental Spring Lake to leave our office with a brand-new smile on the same day! Through the use of sophisticated software, this technique enables our staff to create an extraordinarily accurate electronic map of your teeth, enabling us to produce dental crowns that are perfectly fitted in a single day. The following patients can benefit from CEREC crowns:
  • A broken tooth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Teeth that don’t meet a patient’s aesthetic smile goals

Dental Crowns in Grand Haven, MI

CEREC crowns have a number of advantages over traditional crowns, the most notable of which is the time savings and convenience – CEREC crowns may be made and put in only a few appointments! Furthermore, CEREC same-day crowns provide patients with the same natural appearance and feel as traditional crowns, but with a faster and more convenient treatment time. CEREC same-day crowns may be the best crowns option for you, depending on your needs and desired treatment outcome.

Speak with our cosmetic dentistry team today at Infinity Dental Spring Lake to learn more about this amazing new crowns technology, and to explore different options in dental crowns!

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